CSE460: Introduction to Game Programming and Robotics

Assignment # 4

Date: October 26, 2009

Problem 1 (Due on November 2, 2009)
Write a program in MRDS (using C#) to control the movements of Lego Robot as you receive inputs from touch, light and ultrasonic sensors. For instance, you should be able to make robot turn 180' if the touch sensor is pressed or make it move backward if it's in the white region or make it turn forward with full speed if the object is within 50 cm distance. Your understanding will be tested in the form of a quiz to be held on November 2 (use of computers is allowed).

Problem 2 (Due on November 5, 2009)
Write a VPL based program to control the movement of your Lego Robot based on the inputs you receive from your webcam. For instance if the ball is moving away your robot should move forward towards the ball, or if the ball is coming towards the robot it should move backward or if the ball is moving towards the left side then it should turn left. Demonstrate your program in the class on November 5.

Problem 3 - Sumo Competition using C# (Due on November 12, 2009)
We are going to have the second Sumo competition but this time using C# language. The rules and regulations are the same as were for the VPL based Sumo competition.