Sumo Bot Competition


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Rules & Regulations

  1. The circular Sumo ring is of 4 feet diameter with 3 inches of outer border painted in white.
  2. The competition will be played in a round-robin league fashion - all robots play against each other and the top two qualify for the final.
  3. Each league match has 3 games of 2 minutes each (at most). The final would consist of 5 games.
  4. Each robot can use up to 3 servo motors, 1 light sensor, 1 ultrasonic sensor and 2 touch sensor.
  5. Sumo robots will be placed on the opposite edges of the ring and facing outward. Once the match start, they should rotate until they find their opponent.
  6. When both robots are ready, the ring judge will signal the start of a game. The robots must be activated at that moment.
  7. The robots proceed in combat until one unit is disabled or removed from the ring. A robot is considered to be “removed” from the ring when any part of it falls off the edge and touches the floor.
  8. A robot whose body hangs over the edge is not considered 'off' until it physically tips off the edge and touches the floor.
  9. A robot that disables or removes the enemy gets a “Win” credited to it, and if a robot “suicides”, the other robot gets a “Win” credited to it.
  10. Should one robot become disabled (flipped on it's back or side, for instance) and is unable to move, the other standing robot gets a "Win" credit.
  11. If both robots are stuck in an entanglement or deadlock for at least fifteen (15) seconds, then the game will be restarted again.
  12. The points are awarded as follows:
    • Win - 2 Points
    • Draw - 1 Points
    • Lose - 0 Points